Free stock market and financial news API

Instant access to global stock market and finance news also including funds, crypto and more along with comprehensive sentiment analysis.


marketaux is Incredibly Powerful and Easy-to-Use

Get the latest financial and stock market news from top news sources. Use our API to access clean and relevant financial news and analysis.

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Over 200,000 entities tracked every minute

We track over 80 global markets with news from more than 5,000 quality sources in 30+ languages.

Concise analysis of only relevant text allows us to generate superior analytics for stocks and other entities.


Advanced language processing technology

Our NLP technology allows us to identify critical details within news articles.

Our tracked entities include stocks, indices, ETFs, commodities, mutual funds, futures, currencies and crypto, complete with relevant analysis.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Do I have to pay?

Our service is 100% free to use on our free plan - no payment details are required.

What counts as an API request?

Each time the API is used to access financial news or analysis data, 1 API request is added to your daily usage. The number of requests allowed for your account depends on which subscription plan you are on.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, paying annually will provide you 2 months free per year (20% discount). To register for a yearly plan, simply go to our pricing page while logged in and select a plan and you will be prompted to pay monthly or annually.