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Symbol Name Type Industry Country
DNOO.OL DNO ASA equity N/A no
BALT.OL Baltic Sea Properties AS equity Real Estate no
MGNO.OL Magnora ASA equity N/A no
KITO.OL Kitron ASA equity N/A no
MOWIO.OL Mowi ASA equity N/A no
MRCELO.OL Mercell Holding ASA equity N/A no
WAWIO.OL Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA equity N/A no
AKVAO.OL AKVA Group ASA equity N/A no
IDEXO.OL IDEX Biometrics ASA equity N/A no
TREO.OL Treasure ASA equity N/A no
VEIO.OL Veidekke ASA equity N/A no
KAHOT.OL Kahoot! AS equity Technology no
NEL.OL Nel ASA equity Industrials no
ZAP.OL Zaptec AS equity Consumer Cyclical no
QFUEL.OL Quantafuel ASA equity Industrials no
EQNR.OL Equinor ASA equity Energy no
ACC.OL Aker Carbon Capture AS equity Industrials no
SCATC.OL Scatec ASA equity Utilities no
RECSI.OL REC Silicon ASA equity Technology no
NHY.OL Norsk Hydro ASA equity Basic Materials no
ORK.OL Orkla ASA equity Consumer Defensive no
RANA.OL Rana Gruber AS equity Basic Materials no
TEL.OL Telenor ASA equity Communication Services no
MOWI.OL Mowi ASA equity Consumer Defensive no
AOW.OL Aker Offshore Wind AS equity Utilities no
AKSO.OL Aker Solutions ASA equity Energy no
ELK.OL Elkem ASA equity Basic Materials no
EFUEL.OL Everfuel A/S equity Utilities no
PGS.OL PGS ASA equity Energy no
PEXIP.OL Pexip Holding ASA equity Technology no
SMCRT.OL SmartCraft ASA equity N/A no
WSTEP.OL Webstep ASA equity Technology no
ECIT.OL ECIT AS equity Industrials no
PGSO.OL PGS ASA equity N/A no
TRE.OL Treasure ASA equity Financial Services no
NAVA.OL Navamedic ASA equity Healthcare no
DOF.OL DOF ASA equity Energy no
SOHO.OL Sonans Holding AS equity Consumer Defensive no
NTS.OL NTS ASA equity Consumer Defensive no
NTEL.OL Nortel AS equity Communication Services no
GOD.OL Goodtech ASA equity Industrials no
NOHAL.OL Nordic Halibut AS equity Consumer Defensive no
SOLON.OL Solon Eiendom ASA equity Real Estate no
ECO.OL EcoOnline Holding AS equity N/A no
RECSIO.OL REC Silicon ASA equity N/A no
AKAST.OL Akastor ASA equity Energy no
NSOL.OL Norsk Solar AS equity Utilities no
ICEGR.OL Ice Group ASA equity Communication Services no
INDCT.OL Induct Software AS equity Healthcare no
KYOTO.OL Kyoto Group AS equity Industrials no