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Symbol Name Type Industry Country
CSAM-ME.OL CSAM HEALTH GROUP equity Healthcare no
FIVEPG.OL 5TH PLANET GAMES equity Communication Services no
PSKY-ME.OL PATIENTSKY GROUP equity Healthcare no
PLCS.OL Polarcus Limited equity Energy no
TYSB-ME.OL TYSNES SPAREBANK equity Financial Services no
OBGBO5Y.OL OB Govt Bonds > 5 year Index index N/A no
OBGBU5Y.OL OB Govt Bonds < 5 year Index index N/A no
ST1X.OL Statsobligasjonsind. 0.25 index N/A no
ST2X.OL Statsobligasjonsind. 0.50 index N/A no
ST3X.OL Statsobligasjonsind. 1.00 index N/A no
OBTBU180D.OL OB Treasury Bills < 180 days In index N/A no
OBGBF1Y.OL OB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 1y index N/A no
NANO.OL NORDIC NANOVECTOR equity Healthcare no
OBXW.OL OBX Volume-weighted Index index N/A no
OBGBF4Y.OL OB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 4y index N/A no
ST4X.OL Statsobligasjonsind. 3.00 index N/A no
OBGBF3Y.OL OB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 3y index N/A no
OSE3020GI.OL OSE3020 Food, Beverage & Tobacc index N/A no
OAX30GI.OL OAX30 Consumer Staples_GI index N/A no
ISLAX-ME.OL ICELANDIC SALMON equity Consumer Defensive no
SALMON.OL SALMONES CAMANCHAC equity Consumer Defensive no
OSEMXNR.OL Oslo Bors Mid Cap Index_NR index N/A no
OSEMXPR.OL Oslo Bors Mid Cap Index_PR index N/A no
OAAXPR.OL Oslo Axess All-share Index_PR index N/A no
OAAXNR.OL Oslo Axess All-share Index_NR index N/A no
OSEBXPR.OL Oslo Bors Benchmark Index_PR index N/A no
OSEBXNR.OL Oslo Bors Benchmark Index_NR index N/A no
OBSFXNR.OL Oslo Bors Seafood Index_NR index N/A no
OSESXPR.OL Oslo Bors Small Cap Index_PR index N/A no
OSESXNR.OL Oslo Bors Small Cap Index_NR index N/A no
OBGBA.OL OB Govt Bonds All Index index N/A no
OBSFXPR.OL Oslo Bors Seafood Index_PR index N/A no
OBSHXPR.OL Oslo Bors Shipping Index_PR index N/A no
OSEFXNR.OL Oslo Bors Mutual Fund Index_NR index N/A no
OAX35GI.OL OAX35 Health Care_GI index N/A no
OSE35GI.OL OSE35 Health Care_GI index N/A no
OAX3510GI.OL OAX3510 Health Care Equipm & Se index N/A no
OBSHXNR.OL Oslo Bors Shipping Index_NR index N/A no
GRONG-ME.OL GRONG SPAREBANK equity Financial Services no
EPIC.OL Epic Gas Ltd. equity Energy no
JPK.OL Netoil Capital Ltd equity Energy no
TIETOO.OL TIETOEVRY OYJ equity Technology no
OAX50GI.OL OAX50 Communication Services_GI index N/A no
GEOS-ME.OL GOLDEN ENGY OFFSHO equity Industrials no
OSE45GI.OL OSE45 Information Technology_GI index N/A no
OSE55GI.OL OSE55 Utilities_GI index N/A no
OSE6010GI.OL OSE6010 Real Estate_GI index N/A no
OSE20GI.OL OSE20 Industrials_GI index N/A no