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Symbol Name Type Industry Country
2503.S Kirin Holdings CompanyLimited equity Consumer Defensive jp
8031.S MITSUI & CO.LTD. equity Energy jp
4088.S AIR WATER INC. equity Basic Materials jp
2501.S SAPPORO HOLDINGS LIMITED equity Consumer Defensive jp
2930.S Kitanotatsujin Corporation equity Consumer Defensive jp
2270.S MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co.Ltd. equity Consumer Defensive jp
5401.S NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORP. equity Basic Materials jp
2928.S RIZAP GROUP, Inc. equity Healthcare jp
3849.S Nippon Techno Lab Inc. equity Technology jp
1832.S Hokkai Electrical Construction Company,Incorporated equity Industrials jp
3136.S ECONOS Co., Ltd. equity Consumer Cyclical jp
7011.S Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. equity Industrials jp
2218.S Nichiryo Baking Co., Ltd. equity Consumer Defensive jp
2976.S Nippon Grande Co.,Ltd. equity Real Estate jp
8594.S Nakamichi Leasing Co., Ltd. equity Financial Services jp
1449.S Fuji Japan Co. Ltd. equity Industrials jp
3055.S Hokuyaku Takeyama Holdings,Inc. equity Healthcare jp
4502.S Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited equity Healthcare jp
3977.S Fusion Co.,Ltd. equity Communication Services jp
9027.S Loginet Japan Co., Ltd. equity Industrials jp
4834.S CAREER BANK Co., Ltd. equity Industrials jp
9085.S Hokkaido Chuo Bus Co., Ltd. equity Consumer Cyclical jp
1734.S KITA KOUDENSHA Corporation equity Industrials jp
2137.S Hikari Heights-Varus Co.,Ltd. equity Healthcare jp