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Symbol Name Type Industry Country
0P00016C13.L The Kingfisher Fund Accumulation shares mutualfund N/A gb
0P00016C12.L The Kingfisher Fund Income shares mutualfund N/A gb
0P00002A8C.L Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Leading Companies Fund B Accumulation mutualfund N/A gb
0GWP.L Ratos AB (publ) equity N/A gb
0RQC.L Essity AB (publ) equity N/A gb
0ACT.L AlzChem Group AG equity N/A gb
GLTP.L Invesco UK Gilts UCITS ETF GBP Inc etf N/A gb
UB06.L UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI EMU UCITS ETF(EUR)A-dis etf N/A gb
0P00016C0T.L S&W TS Campana Fund B Income shares mutualfund N/A gb
0P00017TEC.L S&W Cheviot Fund Acc mutualfund N/A gb
0P00016C0U.L S&W TS Campana Fund B Accumulation shares mutualfund N/A gb
0P0001BN06.L MGTS AFH DA Fund - MGTS AFH DA UK Smaller Companies Fund R GBP Accumulation mutualfund N/A gb
MSDG.L Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Index MSCI Emerging Markets SRI etf N/A gb
0P00000VCI.L Baillie Gifford Managed Fund C Acc mutualfund N/A gb
0P00007ZNO.L Invesco Global Balanced Index Fund (UK) (No Trail) (Acc) mutualfund N/A gb
MCHS.L Invesco Markets II PLC - Invesco MSCI China All Shares Connect Ucits ETF etf N/A gb
0P000029CC.L Man GLG Income Fund Professional Accumulation Shares (Class C) mutualfund N/A gb
AASU.L Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi MSCI Em Asia UCITS ETF-C USD etf N/A gb
0P00002ACE.L Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Leading Companies Fund A Accumulation mutualfund N/A gb
0P0000SUP7.L Hartford Life Limited Rathbone Global Opportunities 75 GBP mutualfund N/A gb
0P00000IK4.L Schroder European Recovery Fund A Accumulation GBP mutualfund N/A gb
0P00000FBC.L EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable UK Equity Opportunities A Income mutualfund N/A gb
0P00000UMB.L EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable Global Equity Fund B Income mutualfund N/A gb
EVAL.L SPDR MSCI Europe Value UCITS ETF EUR Acc etf N/A gb
0G8Z.L HolidayCheck Group AG equity N/A gb
0P00000NNO.L Halifax Ethical Fund C mutualfund N/A gb
0P0000KO47.L SVS Church House Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund A Acc mutualfund N/A gb
0P0000X3E5.L Ninety One Global Franchise Fund S Acc mutualfund N/A gb
0P0000UUG5.L LF Odey Opus Fund I Accumulation mutualfund N/A gb
0P00000HST.L Rathbone Global Opportunities Retail Accumulation mutualfund N/A gb
GLT5.L Invesco UK Gilt 1-5 Year UCITS ETF GBP Inc etf N/A gb
ESGW.L Invesco MSCI World ESG Universal Screened UCITS ETF etf N/A gb
ESGS.L Invesco MSCI USA ESG Universal Screened UCITS ETF etf N/A gb
0P0000Y1HH.L PIMCO GIS Income Fund Institutional GBP (Hedged) Income mutualfund N/A gb
0P00019NJM.L CFP SDL Free Spirit General Income mutualfund N/A gb
0P00000R1E.L Threadneedle UK Growth & Income Fund Institutional Income GBP mutualfund N/A gb
0P0001FIOP.L Fidelity Index US Fund P GBP Accumulation Hedged mutualfund N/A gb
0P0000XQPT.L Aviva Investors UK Listed Equity Income Fund 2 GBP Acc mutualfund N/A gb
0P0001DVLU.L T. Rowe Price Funds OEIC US Large Cap Growth Equity Fund C9 GBP Cap mutualfund N/A gb
0P00012AQ2.L Invesco Emerging European Fund (UK) Y (Inc) mutualfund N/A gb
SMTC.L Lyxor Smart Cash - UCITS ETF C-USD etf N/A gb
FLXD.L Franklin LibertyQ European Dividend UCITS ETF etf N/A gb
0P000154MT.L SVS Church House Deep Value Investment Fund B Acc mutualfund N/A gb
FLUC.L Franklin Liberty USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond UCITS ETF etf N/A gb
0P0000X8NE.L Legal & General Emerging Markets Government Bond (Local Currency) Index Fund I Class Accumulation mutualfund N/A gb
0P00011WQQ.L Liontrust MA Active Intermediate Income Fund Class S Accumulation mutualfund N/A gb
0A7X.L Virtu Financial, Inc. equity N/A gb
0P0000XBRU.L Invesco Emerging European Fund (UK) Z (Acc) mutualfund N/A gb
0P00000NGG.L HL Multi-Manager Income & Growth Trust A Inc mutualfund N/A gb