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Symbol Name Type Industry Country
G10C.NZ S&P/NZX All Energy (Sector) index N/A nz
AFC.NZ AFC Group Holdings Limited equity Consumer Defensive nz
0P0001IESW.NZ Kernel NZ Commercial Property Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001IESU.NZ Kernel NZ 20 Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001HZWH.NZ JUNO KiwiSaver Growth Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001HZWG.NZ JUNO KiwiSaver Conservative Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001984N.NZ Simplicity KiwiSaver Balanced F mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001A3TO.NZ BNZ PWS NZ Fixed Interest Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001HZWF.NZ JUNO KiwiSaver Balanced Fund mutualfund N/A nz
FBI150.NZ FBI 15/03/2021 4.75% Fletcher B equity N/A nz
MOA.NZ Moa Group Ltd equity Consumer Defensive nz
PLX.NZ Plexure Group Ltd equity Technology nz
QEX.NZ QEX Logistics Limited equity Industrials nz
CNU010.NZ Chorus Limited 4.12% GTD SNR BDS 06/05/2021 NZD5000 equity N/A nz
WIA020.NZ WIA 15/05/21 6.25% - Wellington equity N/A nz
G20C.NZ S&P/NZX All Industrials (Sector) index N/A nz
G45C.NZ S&P/NZX All Information Technology (Sector) index N/A nz
G50G.NZ S&P/NZX All Communication Services (Sector) Gross index N/A nz
G50C.NZ S&P/NZX All Communication Services (Sector) index N/A nz
0P00012GNR.NZ Bentham Global Income Fund NZD mutualfund N/A nz
SRF.NZ Senior Trust Retirement Village equity Financial Services nz
0P00014F7Q.NZ Castle Point Ranger Fund mutualfund N/A nz
TRP060.NZ TRP 14/03/2024 2.73% Transpower equity N/A nz
PCT010.NZ Precinct Properties New Zealand Limited 5.54% NTS 17/12/21 NZD5000 equity N/A nz
SKT020.NZ SKY Network Television Limited 6.25% SNR BDS 31/03/2021 NZD5000 equity N/A nz
ABB040.NZ ASB Bank Limited 4.245% SNR MTN 26/05/2021 NZD5000 equity N/A nz
SPF560.NZ Spark Finance Limited 4.51% SNR BDS 10/03/2023 NZD5000 equity N/A nz
LGF060.NZ LGF 15/04/2027 4.50% - NZ Local equity N/A nz
LGF080.NZ LGF 14/04/2033 3.50% Local Govt equity N/A nz
LGF040.NZ LGF 15/05/2021 6.00% - NZ Local equity N/A nz
COO010.NZ COO 28/07/2026 6.00% The Co-ope equity N/A nz
0P0001F1R6.NZ Clarity Global Shares Fund mutualfund N/A nz
ANB130.NZ ANB 01/09/2023 3.71% ANZ Bank N equity N/A nz
BRMWF.NZ Barramundi Limited 29/10/2021 $ equity N/A nz
G15G.NZ S&P/NZX All Materials (Sector) Gross index N/A nz
JLGRA.NZ Just Life Group Limited Rights equity N/A nz
BNZ130.NZ BNZ 16/11/2023 3.648% Bank of N equity N/A nz
GNE030.NZ Genesis Energy Limited 4.14% GTD SNR BDS 18/03/2022 NZD1000 '3' equity N/A nz
BNZ090.NZ Bank of New Zealand 5.314%-STP SUB NTS 17/12/2025 NZD5000 equity N/A nz
0P0001F4YA.NZ Kiwi Wealth Managed Funds Balanced Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001F4YB.NZ Kiwi Wealth Managed Funds Growth Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001F4Y9.NZ Kiwi Wealth Managed Funds Conservative Fund mutualfund N/A nz
IFT220.NZ IFT 15/06/2021 4.90% Infratil L equity N/A nz
0P0001J04Q.NZ Clarity-Capital Group New Persp mutualfund N/A nz
ABB070.NZ ABB 07/09/2023 3.31% ASB Bank L equity N/A nz
0P0001I35P.NZ BNZ YouWealth Balanced Growth Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001I35S.NZ BNZ YouWealth Moderate Fund mutualfund N/A nz
0P0001I35Q.NZ BNZ YouWealth Growth Fund mutualfund N/A nz